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October 2007 - Training session over fences

Thunder's Show Photos - Beginning April 2008
Oct 2007 - Training session over fences
A Photo Chronology: Thunder's retraining
May 12, 2007 - Thunder's first jumps!
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Learning to jump an oxer (double fence)

This photo above was taken on September 29th.  As you can see, Thunder is still progressing in stages rather nicely - this was the first day I introduced him to an "oxer" which is a double-fence like the one you see in the above photo.  It tests depth as well as height, and Thunder mastered it with no issue.
Below are more photos from his September 29th schooling....

Hang time over the oxer. :-)
I love the way he looks suspended in midair in this photo!

It takes a little more power to clear the double-bar fences....

Yeehaw, Airborne Pony!
Thunder in full flight. :-)

As always, thank to to Barbara, our trusty photographer!  One day I'll convince her to let me post pics of her and her OTTB, Maggie, on here. :)